CLIMECS allows you to easily control realistic climatic scenario’s in ecological experiments

– Oscar Franken –

What is climecs

CLIMECS provides an experimental setup to test effects of climate change on species, communities and ecosystems as a whole. Several abiotic conditions (temperature and precipitation) can be precisely programmed to create realistic climatic scenario’s. Intact ecosystem samples consisting of soil, vegetation and animals, can be exposed to these fully controlled, realistic climate change scenarios and the abiotic conditions are automatically logged and plotted.

Why Choose Climecs

The use of CLIMECS can greatly benefit research groups in universities, institutes and companies because:

  • it is possible to perform more realistic experiments with multiple stressors,
  • the range of conditions that can be achieved allows to implement extreme climatic events,
  • due to automation, the experiments are easier and more efficient to perform,
  • interacting climatic variables can be disentangled
  • the used methods will be more standardized, facilitating comparisons between studies and facilitating potential collaborations between labs with the same experimental setup.

Let’s start to anticipate on the predicted effects of climatic change, by using CLIMECS!

Climecs team

The Ecologists

  • Dr. Oscar Franken (, Initiator, lead developer and contact person.
  • Prof. Dr. Matty Berg, Animal ecology group, Advisor
  • Prof. Dr. Jacintha Ellers, Head of Animal ecology group, Advisor

The Electronical Engineers

  • Ing. Rob Limburg, Head of electronics development
  • Niels Althuisius, Individuals units control and feedback mechanisms, LED-lights
  • Drs. Matthijs Luger, Software developer
  • Pieter Caspers, Central computer development

The Mechanical Engineers

  • Ir. Joost Rosier, Head of mechanics development
  • Niek van Harlingen, Physical design of test column and metal lighting ‘crown’
  • Rob Stoevelaar, Heating, light & watering system

The Business Advisors

  • Inge Veldt, MSc., Structuring short and long term business goals  
  • Wouter Duif, student Science Business and Innovation, minor Technology Entrepreneurship

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Contact & Inquiry

We have a physical demonstration unit and a full setup of 40 units. If you are interested in visiting us for more information and a demonstration, please contact us first to make sure we have enough time to explain all the possibilities.

For more information please feel free to contact Oscar Franken.